Great Kick-Off To KBB’s 2009

YOUNG RECYCLER: Cameron Forbes (12) finds a cache of bottles and cans to add to the recycling haul collected on Devon Springs Road during KBB’s recent cleanup. Cameron, who is enthusiastic about keeping the island unlittered and looking beautiful, was adding to the Community Service hours he will record for his school, T. N. Tatem Middle School.

KBB’s cleanup on Devon Springs Road and Devon Springs Lane saw 25 volunteers, young and old, collecting 108 bags of trash, 57 black and 51 blue recyclables. Total weight using approved Government statistics comes in at 1,905 lbs, not including bulky waste, which is little short of astonishing. Some further sorting and counting produced an estimate of 12,000 items picked up, bagged and put out ready for collection.

This is the biggest single cleanup by KBB since 2006 when the organization tackled Cambridge Road in Somerset and Cedarpark South in Pembroke.

With the help of Vanese Flood Gordon, Waste Management’s Education and Enforcement Office, KBB volunteers were given access to the old Recycling Plant, now standing unused, so that litter lobbed over the fence could be picked up completing the task of leaving the area looking spick and span.

Sadly only one volunteer responded to the 38 postcards sent out to local residents urging them to come out and help.

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