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VSB radio news interview
KBB President, Amy Shillingford, talks with Bryan Darby.

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Mr. Darby said this was the 'trashiest interview' he's ever done!

For at least the last decade, marine plastic pollution has been a growing problem in Bermuda. Surprisingly most of what washes up on our shores is not from Bermuda. Similarly what residents of Bermuda let fall into the sea gets carried by the current of the 'gyre' over to the coast of Africa. There are 5 gyres in the world.

In January, we welcomed to Bermuda the husband-wife research team of Dr. Marcus Eriksen and Anna Cummins who are part of The 5 Gyres Project to study marine plastic pollution around the world. They have already studied and documented the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'. This year they travelled from the Bahamas to Bermuda, then Bermuda to the Azores as two legs in the journey to study plastic pollution in the Sargasso Sea. To learn more about what they found, go to

When the 5 Gyres team was in Bermuda, several environmental organizations were involved - Greenrock, BIOS, BAMZ, B.E.S.T., KBB and the National Trust. We are all interested to know the extent of the plastic pollution problem in the North Atlantic and what are the solutions.

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Successful Horticultural Community Cleanup

The Ministry of Public Works, in partnership with KBB, recently held a two-day weekend horticultural community clean-up to remove the final remnants of horticultural waste scattered around our island.
A spokesperson said, “The event, held on December 14 and 15, involved the public disposing of all horticultural waste by delivering it to the Marsh Folly Composting Facility for processing.
“In support of the initiative, dumping fees over the two days, and all trucking permits for Sunday, December 15, were waived.
“Under normal Saturday conditions, the average number of horticultural waste truckloads delivered is 70. On Saturday, December 14, there was an increase of 173% or 121 truckloads delivered, and a further 35 truckloads delivered the following day.
“By all accounts, this clean-up effort was a resounding success, a win for the people of Bermuda, and a final goodbye to the remnants of Hurricane Humberto,” said Acting Minister of Public Works Zane DeSilva.
“This was a community effort, and I thank all those involved for working together to get Bermuda clean.
“Our island is known for its cleanliness and we can now look forward to the start of 2020 with Bermuda looking its very best.”
Read the Bernews story.

Single use plastics artwork for Earth Day June 2019

To celebrate Earth Day, & PARTNERS hosted Flotsam: a pop up exhibition of photographer Meredith Andrews’ work with single use plastics. 10% of the sales from the event were donated to KBB in support of their advocacy for Bermuda’s environment, through their mission to engage individuals to take greater responsibility for reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education.
Full story in the Royal Gazette

US Consulate Participates In Clean Up October 2018

In partnership with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB], the U.S. Consulate participated in a cleanup initiative on October 19th.
U.S. Consul General Constance Dierman and Consulate staff collected and disposed of trash, removed debris, and recycled items found at Blue Hole Park. Additionally, the Consulate team cleared overgrowth and trimmed hedges along the roadside and parking lot next to the Consulate grounds.
Read the Bernews story.

Minister Makes Presentation To KBB September 2018

The resinstatement of KBB's annual grant from Minister of Public Works, Lt. Colonel David Burch
See the video on YouTube.

Whitney Students Clean Up 875lbs Of Trash October 2017

On Saturday, October 14th, Whitney Institute students and staff took to the streets to do a big Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] cleanup and gain community service hours.
One hundred students and seventeen staff, including Principal Reeshemah Swan, and several parents divided into six teams to scour the roadside bushes for litter.
Read the Bernews story.

Somersfield Students Clean Up 1,700lbs Of Trash October 2017

On Sunday, October 8th, Somersfield Academy students led by P.E. teacher Da-Von Wade pulled a massive 1,700 pounds of litter and dumped debris from the bushes along Palmetto Road in Devonshire, KBB said.
The heaviest concentration of dumped debris was near the Tynes Bay facility and the Public Drop Off.
Read the Bernews story.

School Students Clean Up 800 Pounds Of Litter October 2017

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] said that Friday’s clean up initiative by Clearwater Middle School staff and students resulted in an estimated 800 pounds of litter and debris being cleaned up at four locations in the east end.
Read the Bernews story.

Hundreds helped keep Bermuda beautiful October 2017

Hundreds of volunteers cleared up around 12,000lbs of trash from the island’s coast as part of a Keep Bermuda Beautiful drive to protect the marine environment.
The EY Coastal Cleanup, which attracted a total of 680 volunteers — 200 more than in previous years — to 36 coastal locations as part of an international effort.
Read more in the Royal Gazette

680 Volunteers Remove 12,000 Pounds Of Litter September 2017

EY joined with Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] for a cleanup of Bermuda’s shorelines, with 680 volunteers removing 12,000 pounds of litter and debris from beaches, shorelines and coastal waters spanning 36 locations across Bermuda, KBB said.
Read the Bernews story.

School crews clear trash from South Shore September 2017

Students, staff and parents from Saltus Grammar School and Warwick Academy descended on South Shore over the weekend to clear trash and debris from the beaches.
Read more on Bernews and here. 2 articles in the Royal Gazette are here and here.

Butterfield employees also played their part in cleaning up the Island. Read the Bernews story.

Throwaway society is spoiling beaches September 2017

A throwaway society is to blame for increasing amounts of trash on Bermuda’s beaches, environmentalists said yesterday.
Anne Hyde, executive director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful, said increased amounts of plastic waste on the island’s shores was down to the use of wasteful packaging driven by consumer convenience.
Read more in the Royal Gazette.

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KBB keep America's Cup Village clean!

Watch the clean up at the America's Cup village
See the video on YouTube


See all about our CleanUp4TheCup campaign on ZBM News 9

Hundreds clean up coastline September 2016

More than 530 people took part in the EY Coastal Cleanup on Saturday at 31 different locations collecting about 10,000 lbs of trash from the island’s beaches.
Read more in the Royal Gazette.

KBB’s Two Day Blitz: Earth Day And Spring Clean April 2016

KBB had a double day of giving back to the community recently. Friday 22 April was a full day of activities in recognition of Earth Day, and Saturday 23 April was KBB’s annual Island-wide Spring Clean.
Read more on Bernews.

Coastal cleanup hailed a tremendous success September 2015

Hundreds gave up the start of their weekend to clear trash from the shorelines and seabeds as part of an Island-wide coastal cleanup.
Close to 500 people descended on 38 different locations across Bermuda to clear and collect all manner of debris and rubbish from beauty spots.
Read more in the Royal Gazette.

Garden Club Of Bermuda Donates $10K To KBB

KBB has received a $10,000 donation from The Garden Club of Bermuda to go toward KBB's 2015 fundraising drive. Club President, Susan Conyers said, "We are delighted to be able to support this very worthwhile organization."
Read more on Bernews

125 Volunteers Remove 4,100lbs Of Trash/Debris March 2015

Keep Bermuda Beautiful reports a busy weekend of clean-up activities with 125 volunteers in 11 locations across the Island removing more than 4,100 pounds of litter and debris. More people are helping to clean up the Island’s litter problem and are coming out in force to volunteer in their communities, KBB said.
Read more on Bernews.

9-Year-Old Donates $275 To KBB After Cleanup August 2015

Keep Bermuda Beautiful today [Aug 11] received a $275 donation from 9 year old Rachael Betschart who raised money for KBB over the Cup Match holiday by collecting almost 250 bottles from the waters.
Read more on Bernews.

125 Volunteers Remove 4,100lbs Of Trash/Debris March 2015

Keep Bermuda Beautiful reports a busy weekend of clean-up activities with 125 volunteers in 11 locations across the Island removing more than 4,100 pounds of litter and debris. More people are helping to clean up the Island’s litter problem and are coming out in force to volunteer in their communities, KBB said.
Read more on Bernews.

KBB honours community for helping environment

The winners of this year’s Keep Bermuda Beautiful awards have been unveiled at the charity’s 51st annual general meeting.
The charity’s prize-giving at Masterworks was attended by Minister of Public Works, Craig Cannonier and Senator Lynne Woolridge
Read more in the Royal Gazette.

KBB Announce Appreciation Award Winners February 2015

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] announced the recipients of its Appreciation Awards at the 51st Annual General Meeting held recently at Masterworks Gallery in the Botanical Gardens.
Read more on Bernews.

Cleanup hauls in 9,000lbs of rubbish

Volunteers hauled several tons of debris from the Island’s shores and coastal waters, targeting 31 spots around Bermuda, in the latest Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) cleanup initiative.
The group partnered with EY Bermuda, a member firm of Ernst & Young global, bringing 484 volunteers out from schools, neighbourhoods and businesses — with 181 students chipping in.
Read the full story in the Royal Gazette or on Bernews.

CedarBridge Students, KBB Clean Up September 2014

CedarBridge Academy’s Teen Girls in Focus group helped with the Keep Bermuda Beautiful clean-up of Pontoons in Spanish Point on Saturday [Sept 20], and recorded data on what they found, with bottle caps and cigarette butts the most frequently recorded items.
Read more on Bernews [and plenty of pictures]

EY Bermuda Coastal Cleanup On Weekend

The EY Bermuda Coastal Cleanup will take place on Saturday, September 20, 2014 and Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] has said that they are “delighted to welcome EY as the sponsor.”
A spokesperson said, “Bermuda has hundreds of coves and beaches and miles of shoreline, so there are opportunities for more teams and more volunteers to sign up before Friday’s [Sept 19] deadline. Anyone interested in participating is asked to contact KBB on 295-5142 or”
Read more on Bernews [and pictures of last year's event]

Photos: Keep Bermuda Beautiful Turns 50 February 2014

Keep Bermuda Beautiful [KBB] gave top awards to Margaret Fergusson, Greenrock and Rockville Lane Neighbourhood Watch during its recent Annual General Meeting which also highlighted accomplishments made during 2013.
Read more on Bernews [and plenty of pictures]

Celebrating 50 years of keeping Bermuda beautiful February 2014

Keep Bermuda Beautiful turns 50 this year — adding fanfare to its recent annual general meeting, where KBB handed out awards to friends and partners in addition to celebrating the accomplishments of 2013.
Read more in the Royal Gazette

KBB celebrates its 50th anniversary February 2014

Keep Bermuda Bermuda celebrates its 50th birthday this year and His Excellency The Governor Mr. Fergusson, His Lordship Bishop Kurtz, W&E Minister The Hon. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin JP MP, and The Hon. Kenneth Bascome JP MP were on hand to help with the celebrations.
Read more in the Bermuda Sun

Energetic Anne used to be a mischief-maker October 2013

As the executive director of Keep Bermuda Beautiful Anne Hyde spends most of her time organizing cleanups across the island and gathering volunteers. She rarely has a free weekend due to her charitable commitments, but hopes one day to learn to play the guitar.
Read more in the Bermuda Sun

Marine clean-up reveals tons of trash October 2013

More than three tons of trash have been found on Bermuda’s shorelines by volunteers for Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s annual Marine Clean-Up.
The 454 volunteers dispersed across 32 different locations and fished out of Bermuda’s waters or found on the coastline were 8,161 small fragments of plastic, 3,052 plastic bottle caps, 3,033 glass bottles, 1,493 plastic bottles and 327 plastic straws and stirrers.
Read more in the Royal Gazette

Anne Hyde talks to Bryan Darby on VSB News September 2013

VSB radio news about the upcoming Marine Clean Up
Click here to play

Orange Bay Company Donates $2000 To KBB September 2013

Since opening in 2009, Orange Bay Company has donated part of its annual profits to charities that are enriching lives and providing assistance to those in need in the Bermuda community.
Read more in Bernews

KBB’s Annual Spring Clean: 6.3 Tons Of Litter May 2013

KBB’s Annual Spring Clean event was a huge success this year with a 217% rise in participants over last year. 916 volunteers cleaned up in 35 locations and removed 6.3 tons of litter and debris from the local landscape.
Read more in Bernews

Filipinos unite to clean up Astwood Park March 2013

The Association of Filipinos in Bermuda has participated in a Keep Bermuda Beautiful clean-up Sunday, March 24th at Astwood Park, Warwick.
Read more in the Royal Gazette....or Bernews (with plenty of photos).

Mills Creek Road & Canal cleanup by KBB and area businesses February 2013

Local businesses teamed with Keep Bermuda beautiful to clean up the stretch of canal along Mills Creek Road
Read more in the Bermuda Sun....or Bernews.... or the Royal Gazette.

Cameron Close Community Action group clean up at Penhurst Park, assisted by Minister Dunkley February 2013

The Milkman not only delivers— he cleans up, too.
Read more in the Bermuda Sun

KBB Awards and A.G.M. February 2013

KBB’s awards presented for work done in 2012 at the charity’s Annual General Meeting held on Tues. Feb. 26th.
Read more in the Bermuda Sun....or Bernews.... or the Royal Gazette.

Seven tons of garbage pulled from the Island’s shoreline September 2012

Hundreds of volunteers took to the shores to haul away seven tons of trash for the Keep Bermuda Beautiful Annual Marine Cleanup. More....

Marine Clean up September 2012

Anne Hyde, KBB Executive Director, talks with Bryan Darby in a 2 part interview on VSB News about the upcoming event.
Click here to play this clip in your media player

People and Places July 2012

Charles Webbe visits the TRASH ART show and interviews Anne Hyde, KBB Executive Director.
Click here to play this clip in your media player

Adopt your own piece of paradise June 2012

Keep Bermuda Beautiful has launched a new programme aimed at keeping public areas litter-free.More....

VSB news interview February 2012

Anne Hyde talks with Bryan Darby
Click here to play this clip in your media player

KBB 2011: 64 Cleanups, 134 Locations February 2012

Volunteers collected 35.5 tons of litter, recyclables and bulky waste from around Bermuda’s railways trails, roadsides and shorelines. In total 2,370 volunteers donated 5,862 hours of their time towards clean up activities and beautification projects.
More from Bernews

More volunteers collect more trash for KBB February 2012

The results are in for Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s 2011 Community Clean-up.
A whopping 35.5 tons of trash were collected.

More than 500 volunteers take part in KBB Marine Clean-up September 2011

The Island’s shores are cleaner after the weekend, courtesy of the Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) annual Marine Clean-Up. More....

Traffic ticket rage results in $600 fine October 2010

A Pembroke man who cursed at Police and littered in public was fined $600 when he appeared in Magistrates' Court yesterday. More....

Clean-up camaraderie gets Island spick and span September 2010

Among those participating in Keep Bermuda Beautiful's Marine Cleanup last Saturday were 10 groups comprising young people, including those from primary, middle and high schools, sports groups and a scout troop. More....

Keeping Bermuda beautiful after Igor September 2010

An army of 400 volunteers got to work at the weekend, cleaning up our shoreline post-Hurricane Igor.
Thousands of pieces of plastic were washed up by the storm surge, creating a mammoth task for clean-up crews. More....

KBB volunteers work hard to make Island more beautiful September 2010

Around 400 Keep Bermuda Beautiful volunteers cleared 27 shorelines from St. David's to Dockyard in the aftermath of Hurricane Igor. More....

Anne Hyde talks to Rotary about illegal dumping July 2010

From VSB News on 28 July 2010. More....

Cigarette butts are a litter menace, warns Keep Bermuda Beautiful July 2010

Keep Bermuda Beautiful has gone on the offensive this summer against discarded cigarettes, the most commonly littered item on the Island. More....

'To neglect something so beautiful breaks my heart' July 2010

Elbow Beach Hotel worker goes beyond his duties by cleaning public side of the beach More....

Warwick Academy pupils clean up beaches instead of picnic July 2010

Warwick Academy students opted to clean up two beaches and survey the sands for debris and tar instead of having an end-of-year picnic. More....

KBB launches campaign to tackle cigarette litter July 2010

Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) plans to kick the butt out of cigarette litter in Hamilton. More....

KBB launches cigarette butt litter campaign July 2010

A campaign to reduce cigarette butt litter kicks off today. More....

KBB holds annual Spring Cleanup May 2010

Keep Bermuda Beautiful held its annual Spring Clean which saw bulging coloured trash bags spread across the Island awaiting pickup. More....

Nineteen schools prepare trash bin art for the Annual Exhibition Apr 2010

Schools around the island are participating in the Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) project, also known as the School Bins Art Project. More....

Art for trash's sake Apr 2010

More than 20 schools are participating in a Three-Rs project with a difference. Organised by Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) and the Ministry of Works and Engineering, students are using their artistic talents to decorate and reuse plastic drums that will ultimately be used as trash and recycling bins at their schools. More....

Painting The Big Guns Mar 2009

On Thursday evening Partner Re will reward a hard-working team of students from Cedarbridge for their work painting the big cannon at three of St. George’s historic fortifications. More....

Valentines Day Feb 2009

Keep Bermuda Beautiful continues to work with a wonderful group of volunteers, all of whom come out every month to help keep our environment cleaner, greener and much, much healthier. More....

KBB bins for BFA Feb 2009

Vance Brown, coach of the Women’s Football Team, loads up 4 newly painted trash bins destined for the new BFA field at Prospect. More....

KBB continues to clean-up when others won't Feb 2009

It's early on a Saturday morning and a group of 25 Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) volunteers stand along Devon Springs Road wiping the sleep from their eyes. More....

Great Kick-Off To KBB’s 2009 Jan 2009

KBB’s cleanup on Devon Springs Road and Devon Springs Lane saw 25 volunteers, young and old, collecting 108 bags of trash, 57 black and 51 blue recyclables. More....

Champagne celebraters show tidy sense . . . Dec 2008

Christmas Day obviously went with a bang looking at the amount of champagne bottles left at Elbow Beach. More....

Fort cleaning effort gets high praise Nov 2008

Staff from the Department of Parks and Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) teamed up with other community volunteers to do maintenance work at Fort St. Catherine. More....

Primary school students doing their part to help keep Bermuda beautiful Oct 2008

Primary Schools were yesterday doing their part in helping the environment by picking up trash at or around their schools. More....

Keeping our school clean every day! Sept 2008

On Friday, 16 classes of the Upper Primary of Saltus Grammar School were involved in a clean up of the school grounds. More....

KBB happy with clean-up results Sept 2008

More than 100 volunteers were out in force for Keep Bermuda Beautiful's campaign over the weekend. More....

Trashing Bermuda May 2008

Two recent stories tell a disappointing story about Bermuda and the environment. More....

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