More volunteers collect more trash for KBB
By Jonathan Bell
The results are in for Keep Bermuda Beautifulís 2011 Community Clean-up.
A whopping 35.5 tons of trash were collected from the Islandís roadsides, shorelines and railway trails, with 64 KBB-supported clean-ups targeting 134 locations.
KBB projects got 2,370 volunteers, with 5,862 hours devoted to cleaning up Bermuda. By contrast, in the previous year, 30 tons of litter, recyclables and bulky waste were picked up by 1,700 people.
The charityís executive director, Anne Hyde, said there were just a handful of people littering the Island on a day-to-day basis.
She said KBB was getting more public participation and a growing interest from schools, as well as corporate and community groups.
There is also a growing awareness between littering and crime, she added.
The charity presented its 2011 appreciation awards at last nightís annual general meeting.