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June Clean Up

Date: June 17, 2017
Location: Parson's Bay beach
Ireland Island
Time: 9am - 12noon

Details: DIRECTIONS: After you go through Somerset Village and over Watford Bridge, past Boaz Island and Grey's Bridge, please TURN RIGHT onto Lagoon Drive. Go past Lagoon Park and the old location of Lagoon Park Pre-school. On your right you will see the KBB SIGNS and the entrance to Lodge Point Lane. Right next to this is Parson's Bay Beach. There is plenty of space to park.

WEAR water shoes and a bathing suit if you want to. Bring a snorkel and mask if you want to look for underwater trash. We will be cleaning up the shoreline, beach and shallow water here....and if there is time, we will also walk a short distance past the Spar Yard and clean up the small beach at Cockburn's Cut just before you get to the AC Event Village.

BRING your own cold drink bottle (re-usable bottle recommended).

Any questions please feel free to call 799-5142

Thank you all for helping us to make a big, big difference.

If you would like to join in with this cleanup, please complete our sign up form and we will contact you nearer to the date.

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Primary Contact: Anne Hyde
Phone: 295 5142

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