Painting The Big Guns

Painting The Big Guns Cedarbridge teamed up with Keep Bermuda Beautiful to paint the great cannons that once guarded the approaches to the Island from the sea.

On Thursday evening Partner Re will reward a hard-working team of students from Cedarbridge for their work painting the big cannon at three of St. George’s historic fortifications. As part of its generous programme of support for Bermudian institutions, the Reinsurance Company invited schools to team up with a local charity to perform a number of hours of community service. In return the company will reward the school with a cheque for $30,000.

Cedarbridge teamed up with Keep Bermuda Beautiful who in turn responded to a request from the Parks Department for volunteers to paint the great cannons that once guarded the approaches to the island from the sea. It is the observation of the Parks Planner, Andrew Pettit, that vandalism occurs less frequently in areas that are well maintained which motivates the Department to maintain these handsome artifacts in top condition, not only to deter possible defacement but also to demonstrate a high level of concern for conservation of the island’s heritage.

The work was carried out by members of the Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball teams lead by Chris Crumpler, the head coach, Ricky Watts, head coach of the Junior Varsity team, and Gavin Mackenzie, coach of the National team.

It took two weekends to return the huge guns at Fort St. George and the somewhat smaller artillery at Gates Fort and the Alexandra Battery to their former glory. Andrew Pettit expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the work done by the cheerful group of students who came out to take advantage of the Dollars for Hours Programme. “We are most appreciative of the help given to us by Keep Bermuda Beautiful and the fine young men of Cedarbridge,” he said. “They have done a wonderful job of refurbishing the big guns.”

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