Sixteen tons of bulky waste were hauled away from Lodge Point Lane over the weekend of March 21st. thanks to the splendid efforts of KBB volunteers, men and machines from Waste Management, and the generous donation by Bell’s Skyline of a small excavator with tireless driver, Stevenson Richardson.

The spreading unsightly pile of waste metal, builders’ rubble, bathroom equipment, toilets, mattresses, sofas, computers, TVs, scrap wood, and clothing, was gradually sorted and loaded into trucks for transport to the airport and Tynes Bay. In the surrounding area, volunteers harvested bottles and trash discarded in the bushes and long grass. Forty-six bags of recyclables were bagged and trucked to the Recycling Plant. The miscellaneous trash went out with the plastic, carpet, sofas and other items suitable for incineration.

The Hon. Michael Scott, Member for Sandy’s North, who joined the cleanup and worked solidly throughout the morning, described the situation as “appalling”. Commenting on the process of dumping, cleanup and redumping, Mr. Scott added: “It is a cycle that that we do not find acceptable and which should not be allowed to continue, therefore we must as a country implement either policy or change laws to make it most uncomfortable for anyone to perpetrate such desecration.”

The morning ended with sandwiches, fruit and water for the KBB volunteers and the men of Works and Engineering as Lodge Point Lane settled back into its former pastoral peace, awaiting the picnickers, campers and fishermen who come here to enjoy a little piece of unspoiled Bermuda. The gate allowing access to the area, donated by the Parks Department and installed by Wedco, was then padlocked to prevent further incursions by truckers, hopefully for a long time to come.

Keep Bermuda Beautiful would like to thank all the volunteers who came out, together with Victor Bell of Bell’s Skyline, Colleen Clacken and the men of Waste Management. Also our very sincere thanks go to Drew Pettit and the Parks Department for donating the gates that we hope will protect the area from further dumping and Wedco for their installation.

Lodge Point Lane Clean Up

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  • Lodge Point before
  • Bathroom Suite anyone?
  •  Trashed inlet
  • Matt Witkowski gets down
  • The Hon. Michael Scott
  • Heavy metal
  • Cameron Forbes, Bergon Spencer & Antoine Bean loading up
  • Bergon Spencer hauls in a TV
  • Terry Wine - a one-man assualt on the bushes
  • The Hon Michael Scott with Antoine Bean load the excavator driven by Steve Richardson
  • Zina Thompson
  • Trash for Tynes Bay
  • Colleen working in the long grass
  •  Cast iron bath heads for the airport
  • Sakisha Webb and her son, Hasheem, work on the hundreds of botttles
  •  A sofa compacts
  • Finishing touches
  • Lodge Point - after


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