It is a wonderful sight to see residents of Bermuda join together to help clean up after a hurricane, and that’s just what we did on Saturday, 25th September for KBB’s annual Marine Cleanup event. Approximately 400 volunteers helped clean up in 27 locations from Dockyard to St. Davids. A real cross-section of the community showed up to put their hands to work and picked up tons of man-made debris that was scattered on beaches, the rocky shoreline and our national parks. The original date for the annual event was Saturday, 18th September but Hurricane Igor was passing through. The revised date of the 25th of September allowed KBB volunteers to have a greater impact in the aftermath of the hurricane.

KBB’s annual Marine Cleanup is part of an International Coastal Cleanup event organized by US-based Ocean Conservancy. Approx. 90 countries are involved. Volunteers are asked to write down everything that they pick up and the data is shared globally. Bermuda can see how it ranks next to other countries.

We certainly saw an increase in marine plastic debris thrown up on our shored during the hurricane. This plastic pollution has been as sea for a long time and the plastic shards are no longer recognizable as once having been a Clorox bottle, or a plastic crate, or bucket. Thousands of pieces were picked up along the South shore beaches on Saturday, however there are still thousands left behind. Everyone can continue to help by taking along a trash bag when you visit the beach and carry on picking up pieces as you enjoy your time outdoors.

KBB is a registered Bermuda charity. We support many Government departments who manage waste disposal and keep our national parks looking good.

KBB September Marine Cleanup

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