On Saturday April 24th, we cleaned up a large area including Canal Road, the Tennis Stadium and both parking lots, Bernard Park and Dutton Avenue. KBB volunteers were joined by Bermuda Youth Rugby players and coaches (Under 10s, 12s, 14s & 16s). There were approximately 65 volunteers in total. One team pulled 12 metal grocery carts from the canal along Dutton Avenue and a small mountain of bulky waste items. Another team scoured the bank leading up to Marsh Folly Road and found a discarded Blackwatch Pass road sign, a Do Not Enter sign, and the remains of a pedal bike. A team over on Canal Road cleaned the path to the BASA pool as well as along Canal Road past the horse stables. We did a very thorough clean up and made improvements to three areas used for sports: BASA pool, the Tennis Stadium and Bernard Park. Congratulations to all who took part!

April Cleanup

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