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Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s mission is to engage individuals to take greater responsibility in reducing waste and eliminating litter through action and education. The organization consists of a board of directors that provide guidance and support to the executive director who stands in the front line of activities keeping Bermuda clean and tidy.

KBB partners with the government, community and private organizations to provide assistance at events by providing additional garbage cans for spectators and attendees to put their trash. In addition, KBB partners with schools, PTAs, sports and community groups to promote, through education and awareness the importance of keeping Bermuda beautiful.

The core work of KBB revolves around the volunteers and other interested members of the community who participate in clean ups. Keep Bermuda Beautiful's campaign of monthly clean ups, augmented by trash-a-thons, community pick ups, corporate and individual efforts total 27 events up to April 2008. So far this year KBB has welcomed more than 450 volunteers, who have given over 2000 hours and removed more than 16,000 pounds of litter and recyclables from our environment.


Keep Bermuda Beautiful was founded in the early 1960s by Phyllis West-Harron and is the island's oldest environmental charity carrying forward a timeless message of litter awareness. Mrs. West-Harron served as president of KBB for seven years. During her presidency she had many accomplishments; most memorable among them was her strong fight against the formation of a McDonalds franchise in Bermuda to prevent the introduction of additional fast food containers ending up as litter.


To act in every way possible against the proliferation of litter and other unsightly conditions damaging our Island's beauty and promote through education, an awareness in the entire community of the importance of keeping Bermuda beautiful.

The charity sees its role to assist the people of Bermuda in working together to make a difference in creating a healthy environment for everyone. Keep Bermuda Beautiful also serves as an advocate for recycling and campaigns against illegal dumping and other litter offences. As such Keep Bermuda Beautiful often consults with Government on matters in this realm.

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