Published: September 25. 2008 09:33AM
Keeping our school clean every day!

Getting down to business: Elizabeth Parsons, head girl of Saltus Upper Primary, picks up litter from the Upper Primary Quadrangle on September 19 as part of the KBB clean up.
Photo: Jennifer Hind

On Friday, September 19, 16 classes of the Upper Primary of Saltus Grammar School were involved in a clean up of the school grounds. Each student from Year 3 to Year 6 was allowed to wear grub clothes in exchange for playing a part in Keeping Bermuda Beautiful. In shifts throughout the day, each year group targetted a designated spot on the school grounds to clean up. Each area adopted by a class will be monitored throughout the year with periodic checks as part of the school's green initiative.

Elizabeth Parsons, Upper Primary head girl, filed this report:

We are lucky to live on such a beautiful Island, where we are surrounded by an ocean that is vivid blue and green and sparkles in the sunshine.

KBB is having a marine cleanup weekend because the ocean must be kept clean from trash as it washes up on our pink, sandy beaches. We could not go to the beach on Friday, but we could help by cleaning up our school field and quad. We all got to wear our grub clothes to school.

We put on gloves, and our Grub Day for Garbage began! It was so wonderful to see everyone out picking up all the trash instead of dropping it. Everyone was having so much fun picking up trash with their friends. We picked up so many bags of trash, we had a big pile.

We need to remember that having trash days are good. But every day we should try to keep our field looking the way it does after our trash cleanup. Litter must go in the trash bin and not on the ground. So we have decided to designate areas of our school to each year group, so we can keep our school clean every day!

Reproduced without permission from The Royal Gazette