Published: September 22. 2008 08:38AM
KBB happy with clean-up results

By Tim Smith

Keep Bermuda Beautiful director and former Bermuda College president George Cook picks up trash along North Shore Devonshire during the KBB Islandwide Marine Cleanup on Saturday.
Photo:Glenn Tucker
Where there's a will: Keep Bermuda Beautiful Director and former Bermuda College president George Cook, and Michael Simons (left) and other pupils of the T. N. Tatem Middle School haul an abandoned outboard motor found on the rocks on the lower level at Penhurst Park Dock, Devonshire as part of Saturday's Annual KBB Islandwide Marine Cleanup.
Photo: Sarah Harvey

More than 100 volunteers were out in force for Keep Bermuda Beautiful's campaign over the weekend.

Mangrove Bay, Jews Bay, Penhurst Dock, Shelly Bay, St. David's Dock and Grace Church were among the spots to get the treatment for the group's annual marine clean-up day on Saturday.

It formed part of a worldwide initiative aimed at tidying up the oceans co-ordinated by Ocean Conservancy, which promotes healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems.

"I'm pretty happy with the turnout and results we got," KBB executive director Richie Lathan told The Royal Gazette.

"Most people who came out were really committed to doing a good job, and by the end it was looking pretty good."

Information on the amount of waste collected will be available shortly, said Mr. Lathan. Data will be shared with Ocean Conservancy, which will compare Bermuda's record to other countries. Corporate organisations involved in the clean-ups, which will continue until mid-October include Butterfield and Vallis, Northlands Primary and Capital G.

For more information, telephone KBB at 295 5142 or e-mail

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