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Article published July 5. 2010 08:34AM
KBB launches campaign to tackle cigarette litter::

By Nadia Arandjelovic

Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) plans to kick the butt out of cigarette litter in Hamilton.

KBB has launched its Cigarette Litter Prevention Programme by handing out branded pocket ashtrays at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

And throughout the year, with the help of local businesses the charity will hand out another 5,000 free pocket ashtrays to cigarette smokers.

The charity will tackle cigarette litter, such as lighters, matches, packaging, along with butts — which make up 25 percent of the Island's roadside waste, according to a recent survey.

KBB will also work alongside Government, law enforcement, community organisations and smokers themselves to stamp out the problem.

They also expect authorities to better enforce litter laws and will themselves raise public awareness and increase the number of ash receptacles around Hamilton.

A similar initiative was implemented in close to 200 communities in the United States in 2008, with an average 46 percent reduction in littered butts.

Anne Hyde, Executive Director of KBB, said: "The Cigarette Litter Prevention Programme has been proven effective in the US and other jurisdictions. Simple actions like distributing pocket ashtrays and installing ash receptacles have made a big difference in decreasing litter and ultimately keeping cities beautiful.

"By raising awareness, we expect similar reductions here in the City of Hamilton. The programme will expand each year to eventually include all of Bermuda."

KBB is one of the Island's oldest environmental charities. In addition, to working to build public-private partnerships, KBB encourages people to take greater responsibility in improving Bermuda's environments — both land and sea.

For more information on the programme or to find out how you can help, visit our projects page.